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Organizing for Change is a project of some of British Columbia’s leading environmental groups and a community of tens of thousands of British Columbians from every corner of the province. Together, we are pursuing more robust, focused and effective approaches to advancing environmental policy initiatives in British Columbia.

Each year we propose a number of achievable, high-impact policy priorities through which the provincial government can demonstrate the kind of environmental leadership British Columbians want to see.

2014 Priorities for Environmental Leadership

Sharing and Protecting British Columbia’s Waters

The British Columbia government made an unequivocal commitment in the election to pass a new Water Sustainability Act in 2014. British Columbia’s precious water resources face current and future pressure from development, especially the threat of increased fracking for LNG exports. It is imperative that the new legislation ensures the environment and drinking water come first, groundwater and other water sources are protected, all industrial operations comply, and that water remains solely a public good. The British Columbia government needs to hear that public support for – and expectation of – bold water protection remains top of mind for British Columbians.
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Preserving Options for the Sacred Headwater – Success

A celebrated ban on oil and gas was followed by a summer fraught with tensions over coal mining in British Columbia’s magnificent Sacred Headwaters region. The British Columbia government and the Tahltan First Nation established talks to scope out long term options for the region, including protection, but more than 60 other mining claims awaiting tenures could jeopardize those discussions. New tenures increase the cost of protection as tenure holders would demand compensation from B.C. taxpayers. The British Columbia government can, and must, take legal steps to ensure no new mining tenures are granted to allow the full range of options, including protection, to be considered without the threat of compensation.

Last Stand for the Great Bear Rainforest

The provincial government, along with First Nations, major environmental organizations and logging companies, committed in 2009 to complete the implementation of the ground-breaking Great Bear Rainforest Agreements by March 2014. Plans and agreements are being finalized to ensure management of this iconic region minimizes risk to its globally-significant biodiversity. However, the provincial government will have a key role in the final decision to make them real on-the-ground. We are calling on the provincial government to dedicate the necessary resources to make good on their commitment to First Nations, British Columbians, and forest products customers the world over.

Organizing for Change

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