Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Dialogue brings together many voices, stories, perspectives, and experiences to increase mutual understanding and identify shared solutions. Instead of arguing for what you already know, dialogue is entered into with a spirit of curiosity and an openness to be changed. Instead of a conversation with sides, dialogue has a centre.

Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue uses dialogue and engagement to co-create solutions, exchange knowledge, support community-engaged learning, and build the capacity of others in the knowledge and practice of dialogue.

We strengthen Canadian democracy by promoting democratic values and innovation, spread best practices by providing dialogue training and tools, and help governments to engage citizens and stakeholders through our consulting services.

As a bridge between the university and community, we enable student success through the Semester in Dialogue and other experiential learning opportunities and provide a home to select initiatives run by our Dialogue Fellows and Associates.

The following values guide our work:

Transparency: We earn trust and legitimacy by proactively disclosing our motives and by transparently communicating the outcomes of our work.

Diversity: We believe that success and innovation require the participation of diverse peoples, perspectives, and ways of knowing.

Curiosity: We host respectful conversations without pre-determined outcomes, where collaborative inquiry serves as an alternative to adversarial approaches.

Equity: We support participants in achieving equal voice by removing barriers to participation, reducing power imbalances, and counteracting systems of harm.

Impartiality: We hold neutral space for others to express their ideas, while recognizing our responsibility to ground these discussions in evidence-based information.


Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Impact Report