Dogwood Initiative

British Columbia’s largest nonpartisan citizen action network

Everything we do is about giving British Columbians ways to have more decision-making power over our air, our land and our water. Right now, 96 per cent of British Columbia’s land is owned by the people, but 88 per cent of that land is controlled by large timber, mining and oil companies.

We believe British Columbians should have the right to make their own decisions about how the land they live on is used and we know that there is power in numbers. That’s why we work with more than 75,000 British Columbians, as well as First Nations, businesses and communities, to leverage political victories and find common sense solutions to some of British Columbia’s most pressing problems.

What makes us different

We don’t just work to protect the environment. We work to change how decisions are made in British Columbia. That requires a level of strategic focus that sometimes makes us go cross-eyed but that’s a small price to pay to be called one of the province’s most effective organizations.

We strive to work on the fundamental issues, – those things that transcend boundaries and stand the chance to truly change the way things work in our province. With this in mind, we excel at pinpointing the places British Columbians can have the most impact and figuring out ways to take meaningful action. It’s all about relationships, — us helping you to catalyze action.

We love statistics and demographics and use data to inform every move we make. Our unique approach has led to us being called everything from scrappy to brilliant. Truth is, when you’re seeking big changes, you need to take risks. We’ve had some of our biggest successes while hanging out on a limb.

Who we are

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have kind of an odd name. We wish we could tell you it had a deep, philosophical meaning, but actually we chose Dogwood because it is British Columbia’s provincial flower and Initiative because it is action-oriented.

Our team of 10 super-talented people, based in Victoria, works with people in key communities throughout the province and the rest of the country. We find we get near daily reminders of why British Columbia is worth fighting for. Together, we are building a new model for engaging British Columbians in the decisions that affect them most.

Dogwood Initiative