Technology in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to over 9,000 technology companies that generate more than $23 billion in revenues annually, and has nearly doubled in size since 2002.
British Columbia technology has a GDP of $15.5 billion, growing at double the rate of the British Columbia economy.
The technology sector employs more people than the forestry, mining, and oil and gas sectors combined.
Technology exports have increased 10.5% in 2012, to just over $994 million, ranking 3rd in Canada. Technology jobs grew by $22,000 since 2002, 30% faster than overall job growth in the province.
Technology is the third largest industry in British Columbia, accounting for 7.6 % of the province’s GDP.

Source: British Columbia Technology Industry Association


Great things can happen if we think big and outside the box. Tell our story as many times as possible to as many people as we can possibly tell it to. There is money out there for good ideas. Focus on getting the right team together. There are a lot of resources available to entrepreneurs including the Centre for Growth.

British Columbia has some of the best talent in the world from a development perspective. We attract great people. We are becoming known as an innovative centre.

The interconnectivity of technology today is an exciting opportunity for new entrepreneurs that can connect some of those dots. The time is right for the British Columbia technology industry to really take off

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