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The BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association is one of the most respected business organizations in the province and is your voice to the government and your source for real-time information about key issues facing your business. We are in constant dialogue with policymakers to further innovation, investment, and economic impact of our industry. We help interpret and address trends, technologies, products, policies, legislation, and code changes affecting you.

BC Restaurant and Food Services Association

Organizing for Change

British Columbians love the natural beauty, rich ecology and clean air and water that underpin their quality of life. Most also support strong environmental protection and expect their governments to do the same — with policies that both protect BC’s natural heritage and sustain jobs and prosperity over the long-term.
Organizing for Change

Dogwood Initiative

Everything we do is about giving British Columbians ways to have more decision-making power over our land, our water, and our air. Right now, 96 per cent of British Columbia’s land is owned by the people, but 88 per cent of that land is controlled by large timber, mining and oil companies. We believe British Columbians have the right to make their own decisions about how the land they live on is used and we know that there is power in numbers.
Dogwood Initiative

Georgia Strait Alliance
Sierra Club BC
West Coast Environmental Law


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Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia

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BC Alliance for Arts and Culture

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Arts Health Network Canada – BC

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Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia

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Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la C.-B.

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Made in BC – Dance on Tour – Connecting British Columbia communities with dance

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BC Partners for Social Impact Implementing BC Social Innovation Council recommendations

BC Ideas
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Creative BC
Developing the creative industry sector in British Columbia

2013 SFU Public Square Community Summit
Charting BC’s Economic Future

100 Community Conversations – Film

British Columbia Cooperative association
Building a cooperative economy

Stonehouse Institute
Confronting complex collective challenges

Organizing for Change
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Collaborating to create a sustainable Canada

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Unchanged: Arts Health Network Canada
The aim of Arts Health Network Canada and its first provincial chapter, Arts Health Network Canada-BC is to connect arts and health practitioners in Canada with each other, researchers, decision-makers, and with members of the public who want to benefit from arts and health programs. The Arts Health Network website is designed as an all-inclusive hub where arts and health users and the public can learn about and contribute knowledge about the growing field of arts and health in Canada.

Unchanged: The Condominium Homeowners Association of BC

Unchanged: Arts BC

Unchanged: Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations

Unchanged: First Nations in British Columbia

Unchanged: Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Unchanged: BC Book World
Founded in 1987, BookWorld is Canada’s largest-circulation, independent publication about books.
The quarterly publication has been identified by Dr. Rowland Lorimer, in his report for the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, as ‘the most important and effective element’ in the infrastructure which encourages book publishing in the province with the highest per capita book reading rate in Canada.
Unchanged: It reaches as many people as possible, with as much information as possible, about as many books as possible, via 675 distribution outlets. Unlike traditional publications about books, BookWorld is overtly populist and highly visual. It favours unbiased information about books rather than reviews.
“The general public is understandably turned off by the traditional book reviewing process, because most book reviews tend to be corrupt or tedious, or both. Your average book review consists of one literary aristocrat trying to tell other literary aristocrats how to think. Too often the reviewer is so busy trying to impress the reader with his or her intelligence and writing skill that he or she neglects to pass along basic information about what the hell the book is about.
“Because most reviewers are grossly underpaid, they tend to ‘pay themselves’ by abusing the public platform, co-opting the space as an advertisement for themselves. The public by and large senses this and shuns the exercise. Trouble is, when poorly paid reviewers irresponsibly slag their enemies and support their friends, it’s very hard for an editor to ask for a re-write. Only higher pay will engender higher standards.
“With BookWorld we evolved a publication that favours lively, up-to-date news rather than opinions. We take a high-brow subject – books – and marry it with a low-brow format – the tab newspaper. The end result is a middle-brow product that everyone can enjoy and use. It’s pretty simple. And yet when I look at most other publications about books, it still seems to be unique. Why cater to ten per cent of the population, the literary aristocracy, when you can reach the 80% of the population who like to read books?” — Alan Twigg, Publisher
Alan Twigg has written seventeen books and produced six television documentaries, dozens of award ceremonies and literary events, two university symposia and a music CD for poet and activist Bud Osborn. He is the publisher and owner of B.C. BookWorld, Canada’s largest circulation independent publication about books, founded in 1987, and he founded and manages a public service reference site for and about more than 10,000 B.C. authors. He also plays soccer.

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